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Black Bear Pass


Black Bear Pass. It’s a notorious trail and is definitely not for the inexperienced rider on a big bike. We’ve done it on single cylinder bikes without much problem, but when it comes to taking the GSAw, it definitely has a large pucker factor. We’ve outfitted our bike with a Black Dog Cycle Works skid plate which is, in our opinion, the best skid plate on the market. Kurt and Martha from Black Dog are some of the best people in the business and make a killer product. Let’s just say that if we did not have this skid plate on the bike on our Black Bear run, we wouldn’t have made it down the mountain. I don’t know how many times a large rock hit the skid plate or when we slid it down the steps. We also are riding Rigid D2s and BDCW radiator guards. As pictured, we were using the Wolfman Luggage.



I don’t care who you are, when you’re doing Black Bear on a large adventure bike, you definitely get the adrenaline rushing and the anxiety pulsing. The pictures do not accurately show how steep some parts are…




After the challenge of the steps, this is a great place to stop and catch your breath.


After this, you reach the switchbacks which are incredibly loose and rocky this year. You then find yourself riding into Telluride feeling like some sort of cowboy hero.

After an hour of some of the best twisty mountain roads and we find ourselves pulling up at the Base Camp.

Life is good. (And remember that if you’re thinking of doing Black Bear. It isn’t something we’d recommend to just anyone…)

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