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December, already!

The end of the year is upon us and many of you are gearing up and planning your adventures for 2016.  2016 is already here for us as we are busy planning the logistics of our Copper Canyon Adventure, coordinating reservations for the guest house, and scheduling our bike rentals. We look forward to hosting you, serving you, and giving you the best rides of your life. We pretty much guarantee it.

We celebrated a beautiful day here in Southwest Colorado. In the mid 30s, with the sun shining and the heated gear ablaze, I (J.J.) explored some of the many canyons near our Base Camp. 15 minutes away and this is what you may find. Twisting the throttle, hitting the whoops, dodging through the rock gardens, and dancing over the sand, it really does a soul good. We know you’ll experience this, too, when you ride in this marvelous place.

Sleeping UTE 1

We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for your support!

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