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Welcome to the Good Adventure Company

We visited to boarding school in Batopilas. Good ADV is helping this school this year.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are proud to be a financial supporter for Lost for a Reason and other non-profits! In 2012,  J.J. was living on the Navajo Nation in Kayenta and received an out-of-the-blue call from Ron Grace who had a great idea of doing a fundraising ride in the Valley of the Gods to benefit Navajo children and families. The vision then morphed into the first Lost for a Reason work project in Kayenta in 2013 where more than 25 volunteers arrived to help build an addition on a Navajo family’s home and rehab the Tohdennashai Shelter Home, one of the few domestic crisis shelters on the Navajo Nation. It was a major success.  Since that time, J.J. has helped orchestrate many of the work projects on the Reservation, finding the needs, coordinating the projects, and linking with Ron. A great addition has been Tomas Kucera who showed up on the scene in Chinle to help us build the first Lost for a Reason playground at the ADABI Domestic Crisis Center and continues to be a driving force for doing great work for the kids and families. Since that time,  Ron, J.J., Tomas and many other volunteers ensure that Lost for a Reason continues to serve children and families through life-changing, sustainable projects. Good ADV morphed into a funding engine for projects just like these.

The Good Adventure Company exists to support organizations like LFAR and help fund life-changing projects. It’s pretty simple. When you go on one of our EPIC ADVENTURES or purchase your adventure motorcycling goods from Good-ADV, we give to the communities where we ride.



Thanks for your support as we go about making the world a better place to live and ride.

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