If you are riding in the back-country, or going on one of our guided trips, Good-ADV highly recommends Medjet in case something happens…

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What is Medjet?  Medjet is the premier global air-medical transport membership program.  We arrange comprehensive medical transport for our members who are hospitalized 150 or more miles (242 km) from home, either in the U.S. or abroad, from virtually anywhere in the world.  Our regular membership protects residents of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  What sets Medjet apart and makes it unique when compared to other types of protection is:

  • Transport is to a hospital of the member’s choice (in their home country if traveling internationally), including their home hospital, and is NOT determined by the company, an attending local physician or a hospital/medical facility, and is NOT just to the “nearest adequate/appropriate facility.”
  • Transport requirements are simple.  The member must only qualify for in-patient status upon return to the hospital destination of their choice, and be medically stable for transport.  There is no cumbersome list of illnesses or injuries which do or don’t qualify.
  • In the event a Medjet transport is made, there are no deductibles, co-pays, or other out-of-pocket costs, and no cap on the benefit.  Medjet makes all arrangements and coordinates all details for a comprehensive hospital bed-to-hospital bed transport.  And there is no cap on the benefit.
  • For members under age 75, there are no health questions asked, so there are no pre-existing conditions exclusions or limitations, and enrollment requires only name, basic contact information, date of birth, and form of payment.  Enrollment can be made up to the day of a trip departure as long as the membership is activated before the member leaves home.
  • For members over age 75, the simple application process includes a brief medical history questionnaire which is completed by the member and their physician and then reviewed for approval by Medjet.  This process generally requires 5-7 business days from the time we receive the application. 
  • Of special interest to The Good Adventure Company, we offer a motorcycle protection upgrade to protect both the member and the motorcycle within the U.S. (continental plus Alaska), Canada, and Mexico and return either/both to the member’s home shop or dealership in the event of an accident.

Why Medjet?  Medjet does not replace traditional travel or other insurance or premium credit card coverage that your clients may have and which provide many other benefits that Medjet doesn’t.  But a Medjet membership supplements and provides an additional level of protection to what is found under the medical evacuation clauses of most other types of coverage.  Both travel insurance coverage and platinum credit card protection plans will provide medical evacuation 1) IF medically necessary, meaning if an attending physician recommends it because the necessary medical care or treatment is not available locally, AND if the insurer/provider agrees with that assessment, and then 2) ONLY to the nearest ‘adequate’ (or ‘acceptable’) medical facility, as determined by the insurer/provider.  The injured party has no say-so in the matter.  So clients such as business owners, executives, lawyers, doctors, and others who are used to being in control and making their own decisions, still retain that privilege with Medjet when it comes to where they will receive their healthcare should they suffer a medical emergency while away from home.  Medjet also provides domestic protection whereas other types of protection don’t.   

Who needs Medjet?  Generally, Medjet is most appropriate for clients who are frequent and high-end travelers and those traveling to far-away or exotic destinations or anywhere that the level of medical care available is not up to acceptable standards.  In particular, for your motorcycle tour clients, whether they choose the protection of a short-term membership just for the trip or an annual membership to protect for other travels, too, there are no pre-existing health conditions exclusions for those under age 75, so anyone with existing medical issues who may be concerned about whether or not those issues could affect their travel plans are prime candidates.  With Medjet, there are no adventure or extreme sports exclusions, so if your clients might be participating in sports or activities besides during your tour which may not be covered under typical insurance plans or even by travel insurance, such as scuba diving, sky diving, hang gliding, parasailing, bungee jumping, white water kayaking, etc., they are a candidate.  And keep in mind that even younger clients who are often more risk tolerant may be candidates for Medjet.