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A Review About Our Guided Trips

Just thought that I would share a review from a satisfied customer:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing hospitality and tell you how much I enjoyed the 3 day guided tour of Southern Colorado. I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK NEXT YEAR!!  Your advice on setting my R1200GSA up for a safe and enjoyable trip was spot-on.  Having the new tires and a Giant Loop Great Basin available for installation when I arrived really simplified my travel planning and the Giant Loop bag paid for itself after the first tip-over. (Thanks again for helping pick up my bike.)

As I started planning this trip, it became immediately apparent was that there were endless riding choices and most of the best stuff was in very remote areas.…much to the dismay of my lovely wife.  Since my goal was to explore some of the more challenging areas, I was excited when I heard about your guide service and my wife was excited that I would have an expert along to keep me safe.  Thanks to you I truly had the RIDE OF A LIFETIME and experienced more backcountry riding and camping than would have been possible without your superbly planned route.  I consider myself an average rider and having you talk me through the challenging sections on the helmet bluetooth system definitely helped improve my off-road skills and gave me the confidence to tackle some really fun sections! 

See you again next year!!!


Dave E. 


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