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The 2016 Copper Canyon Adventure

Select this link to watch and experience a 10 minute video of the ride.   Link: Copper Canyon 2016

The hallmark of The Good Adventure Company is “To make the world a better place to live and to ride.” As many of you are aware, there has been a great deal of negative media surrounding Mexico and most of the other adventure companies are too fearful of heading down to the Copper Canyon these days. Through our contacts, we were able to communicate our intentions to help the children in Batopilas and support the local businesses along the way. We were able to ensure the safety of our riders and none of us had a single experience where we felt we were in danger. Well, unless you’re talking about the ride itself… 

Bike and old wagon at the ranch
Getting to know the locals…

In February a group of 10 riders from as far as Calgary, Seattle and New York met at the staging area in Benson, AZ at a fellow ADV riders Ranch.

A variety of big adventure bikes were brought along and made ready for an epic ride to Mexico. We would be riding approx. 1300 Miles for 8 days crossing the US / Mexican boarder at Douglas, AZ, into Aqua Prieta, from there South via Sahuaripa, Creel, and then via the old Yoquivo road to Batopilas. Then West to Urique, Chinipas de Almada and Alamos. From Alamos North to San Carlos and US boarder crossing at Nogales.


Copper Canyon 2016
Every rider had a GPS device with dedicated tracks loaded for the day to day riding directions.


There was plenty of challenge and significant danger lurking if one of us felt too confident. However, all of us were cautious and successfully navigated the rocks, deep ruts, sand, and water crossings. When we say this trip was for experienced adventure riders, we meant it. The toll on the bikes? A broken windscreen, a dented cylinder head, three flat tires (two of them J.J.’s), a broken chain, and a broken front brake. What is great about touring the Copper Canyon with The Good Adventure Company is that we have close contacts with riders in Mexico who are more than willing and able to help.


Example, a broken chain on the switchbacks above Batopilas at 1:00pm was solved by a new chain being delivered via bus in Baiuchivo the next morning. A broken front brake in the evening? Well, that was fixed the next morning as well. We love to make good things happen for everyone and this includes the children in the boarding school in Batopilas. We are going to help them purchase new chalk boards and tables with chairs for their dining facility. We met with the kids, handed out stickers, candy, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls, even bringing in two of our bikes for the kids to sit on. It was a pure, magical morning in Batopilas for all of us.

Left to right: Michael, Mike, Erik, JJ, Jesper, Wiel, Chris, Pat, Eric and Franco at the staging area in Benson, AZ. The Bikes are loaded up with the needed gear and ready to get dirty!
Crossing the Mexican border at Aqua Prieta via the Calzada Panamericana Highway required the needed paper work to be done to register the bikes.
Obtaining Visa’s, TVIP’s and changing Dollars for Pesos.


Staying in Sahauripa the first night, parking in the court yard of the El Molino hotel
We had dinner at a local diner (with clay floors) and walked the streets back to our hotel.
Heading South on Hwy 16, JJ and Pat burning rubber
Taking a break along the road to take off some layers after a cold start in Sahauripa.
Road sign on Hwy 16 (posted in Kilometers)
Breakfast stop near Yecora
Highway 16, great breakfast stop near Yecora.
First taste off-road, down hill on the Old Yoquivo road
Challenging to find the right line to work your way uphill.
Team work is key under the brutal circumstances
Taking a break after a physical and mental beating: trying to get the bikes thru the elements
Who gives in first bike or biker?
Great riding conditions
Collecting cactus needles from a “stranded” rider
Stunning Vistas all along the trip
Erik in his element
We stayed at Juanita’s in Batopilas and filled up the courtyard with bikes and all our gear. Had time for some maintenance and minor repairs. A big jar with nails, screws and nuts was provided by the landlord 🙂
There was only one way to the courtyard….., driving thru the owners living room.
Visiting the boarding school in Batopilas with goodies for the children was one of the highlights of the trip.
The classrooms are very primitive and the Good Adventure Company will be donating new whiteboards, chairs and tables
Several motorcycles were brought into the school for the children to sit on.


IMG_7038unnamed-3 unnamed-1











We visited to boarding school in Batopilas. Good ADV is helping this school this year.
Good ADV is helping this school this year. The Boys were happy with the soccer balls we brought for them.
Eric is the center of attention
Big smiles all over
You have to know where to get your fuel for the bikes at a hidden store at the end of town.
Despite the remote areas, the quality of the fuel is good and keeps the bikes rolling.
A farmer on the road towards Urique waved us over to introduce his family. We had hard candy for the children and were excited when they sat on the bikes. This was a great experience and makes you realize how few these people know about modern life.
Not sure what this boy was thinking but for sure he never had sit on a big Beemer bike before?
Pat eating dust
Mike checking on the riders behind him, if any…
Michael on the F800GS.
Michael taking a nap next to his bike while the group was waiting for the bus delivering the chain we ordered overnight
The Beemers outfitted with with Mosko Moto soft luggage.
JJ calling in to order a spare chain
The Beemers come in great colors.
The famous road sign for Batopilas and Urique at a heigh elevation intersection. Hopefully the bullet holes are only from practice shooting…
Taking a break at the Batopilas / Urique road sign taking in some of the beautiful sceneries in the Copper Canyon.
Riding big bikes thru the elements
Gravel road leaving Batopilas
We made our way over the high road to Urique, making friends and spreading goodwill along the way
We made our way over the high road to Urique, making friends and spreading goodwill along the way
Getting fuel in Chinipas at the end of town before crossing the river
Local transport can be very primitive in some of the areas we passed thru.
The Restaurant we sat down for dinner had no beer, but…..thru the back door in a nearby ally was the solution for that,….Tecate Amigo’s
So we enjoyed a cold one before dinner was served
Assistance in cooking on a firewood stove
A drowned bike during a river crossing caused some challenges. The engine was flooded en needed to be flushed. Oil was found in a local town, not the best, but good enough to replace the emulsified mix inside the big Beemer.
Oil change along side one of the passes, oil drained, oil and air filters drained, refilled new oil and we were good to go, the bike sounded like a deep fat fryer for a while, but oil the moist disappeared over time and kept running well!
A new chain for the KTM 690 was delivered overnight and replaced the same evening at the placed we stayed.
In Mexico you either ride your horse or bike to the liquor store to pick up some needed refreshments after a day of hard riding.
The little towns in Mexico have a lot of colors to offer
Franco having a good time in Alamos
We spent the night in Alamos at a Hostel, the boys were separated from the men for good order 🙂
Tequila Bar in Alamos, this was a nice setting were we had a change to taste some of the good stuff, great picture telling the story….
Wrapping up, loading the bikes from the front door of our Hostel
Little store at the market plaza in the center of Alamos, getting some breakfast and needed supplies for the day.
The final evening was celebrated at a rented Villa were we spent de night near San Carlos at the sea of Cortez. Beautiful views and pool next door.
The final night spent in great accommodations on the Sea of Cortez
The riding boots got the need “Air-Time” far away from everybody’s noses….
Our Italian Chef Franco cooked up some nice paste for the group
During the final night, our riders voiced that this was one of the greatest adventure rides they had ever taken. We have to agree that it was one of ours, too.
The Last Tacos de Cabeza on our way to the US boarder.
The last flat tire in Mexico 🙂
Back on US soil..
Back at the staging area in Benson, we wrapped up the bikes, riding gear, said our Goodbyes and headed home, tired but with GOOD-ADV Feelings….

If you are interested in a tour of the Copper Canyon, please let us know as we are scheduling soon for the end of 2016, early 2017. Please keep in mind that we are also available for private individualized and small group trips down to the Copper Canyon. Just email if you’re interested in hearing more. We’d be honored to show you one of the best adventures of your life. Sign up form guided-trips





7 thoughts on “The 2016 Copper Canyon Adventure

  1. I think when we sat down to have dinner the final night of the trip in San Carlos, I think we all had the same consensus of the Copper Canyon trip.
    It was an amazing experience, both the riding and the cultural aspects of the trip.
    The riding included for me some beautiful Scenery, Twisty paved sections, and difficult climbs & descents on the offroad sections.
    The exposure to the local culture and the interaction with the children at the school was priceless.
    Everyone in the group was excellent and we all pitched in when we had physical or mechanical challenges.

    I met some excellent people, excellent riders and would welcome the chance to ride with anyone in the group again.

    Great job JJ and as I said in San Carlos, the trip far exceeded my expectations.
    Lookin forward to my next GOOD ADVENTURE CO trip.

    Mike Vallely
    Boston Pizza

  2. JJ and the rest of the Good Adventure Company know what they’re doing. Our trip through the Copper Canyon in Mexico felt safe and raw at the same time. I was comfortable traveling at my own pace, thanks to the excellent GPS tracks, and knew there was a hotel waiting for me at the end of the day. As one might expect, we had some mechanical issues during our travels and the Good Adventure Company used their contacts and local knowledge to get folks rolling again quickly. I will never forget the beauty of the Copper Canyon and look forward to exploring more with this fine group of adventurers.

    – Chris Hunt

  3. The Copper canyon experience was a once in lifetime experience. The organizers had obviously spent a lot of time setting everything up from the accommodations to the restaurants chosen.It was all A+ and the group was well balanced.

    I loved the trip minus a few mishaps flooded engine through a river crossing etc. LOL.
    I would say for advanced riders.
    It’s a must for an adventure rider.

    ~ Pat Bianchi

  4. Wow. This was really a treat to read and re-live the experience. I had already gotten re-adjusted to the daily grind that I almost forgot how special it was.

    Good-ADV did a great job of planning and executing this journey. I know because I’ve been on a few and heard of many others that didn’t go as smoothly.

    Eric Hall
    Senior Editor,

  5. This looks like an amazing journey. Maybe someday I’ll have the skill, a bike I’d rely on for such a trip and the money/time to tackle an adventure like this. Thanks for sharing the post and letting me live it vicariously Wiel.

  6. Just going over the border took it up a couple notches for me. And then…

    Ridiculous twistys
    Stunning scenery
    Quality people
    Recess at the school!!!
    Riding through a cattle drive
    Pretty sure you couldn’t fit anymore fun in me. I was buzzing for weeks upon return. I’ll be back as many times as I can get away with it. Thank you JJ and thanks to my fellow riders for making it such an awesome experience.

    Erik Harren

  7. Eric explained this trip. I went for weeks with just imagination. I don’t do computers.
    After reading all details, my wife is up for rent so I can afford trip.
    I bumped into Eric after 15 years had passed. Funny how road/dirt riding combines with age.
    I have a 99 tiger 855, and intend on joining this motley crew. Ordering Annake wilds now.
    Won’t be the hold up for others. After Eric takes me for a test go, I’ll make my decision. Rather straight forward is he. If my skills allow……Im 100% in.
    Spent lots of time in Nicaragua. Always went down with clothes and toys for locals. Really respect that aspect of your trip. I know that people in other countries are generally kind and enjoy sharing their life’s. Not cocky but proud
    This trip is consuming lots of thoughts. Good to have something to look forward to.
    Here for a good time….not a long time

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